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I Voted!
With The Huskies (4th Grade)

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Election Of The Representatives Of The 4th Grade Class


The 4th Grade students participated in the democratic process through the election of class representatives.


The process took place in two phases: the election campaign and the vote. 


Each interested student could present themselves as candidates and campaign for a week to explain why they should be elected. Finally on the day of the vote, by secret ballot, the class had to choose their two representatives. There were two lists of candidates, one for the girls and one for the boys. 

The Campaign   


For a week, the students who wanted to run for office campaigned to explain to the other students in the class why they were the best candidates for the class and to try to convince them to vote for them. Each candidate prepared a poster. They could present their candidacy to the class and answer any questions for a maximum of 5 minutes. 

More pictures of the campaign here.

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