Graphisme With The Cougars (K)

Kindergarten is a bridge between preschool and 1st grade. This is especially true in fine motor skills as the children have to transition from a bigger to a smaller graphic gesture.

Working on graphismes is an important part of this process. In two activities the students had to create their own. The starting point was a discussion around an art piece by Max Tetar. After looking at the piece they had to find graphismes made of straight lines.

Pic 1.jpg

In the following activity, the kids were given a piece of colored paper and short strips of white paper. They had to create their own graphismes with the strips of paper, and the result was very convincing.

Pic 2.jpg

In the next activity, the students transitioned from strips of paper to paintbrushes. Using ink, they painted several lines of different colors. Then, they created their own graphismes using black ink and a paintbrush.

IMG_0355 (1).jpg

In these activities, our kindergartners displayed incredible creativity! In the meantime, they improved their fine motor skills!