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Gala Sneak Peek #2

Enjoy a sneak peak at a few more of this year's fabulous auction items!

Persian Cooking Class with Afarin Jahangiri


You will not want to miss this cooking class! FISW teachers and staff know the rush to get to Afarin's delicious Persian dishes before they disappear! Now, you will be able to prepare some yourself at home! Afarin will teach 10 people to prepare Mahi Por Shekam, which literally translates to "Full-Tummy Fish," as well as a Persian walnut cookie. You will learn to prepare a fish and stuff it with a delicious mixture including walnuts, orange and pomegrante pastes, onions, and aromatic herbs.  After the class, you will all enjoy your home-cooked meal together.

Donor: Afarin Jahangiri

Ticket Price: $40/person, 10 seats available

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Microsoft Store Youth Experience for 20 Students with Marco and Emilie

20 students will join tech-savvy FISW teachers Marco (fourth grade) and Emilie (first grade) for an unforgettable experience at the Microsoft Store at Bellevue Square.


Your group of twenty will start the visit off with a store scavenger hunt followed by an Xbox One Competition facilitated by our staff on portable GAEMS units.  The game for the competition will be determined at the time of booking based on what is available.  The entire event will last two hours.  Each child will receive a small gift to remember the day.   

Donors: Microsoft Store Bellevue, Marco Micalizzi, and Emilie Gillet

Opening Bid: $100/student, 20 spots available


Gourmet Dinner Experience with the Head of School


You will be treated to a sumptuous gourmet meal, prepared by Barbara in the intimacy and comfort of her home. Enjoy a delicious dining experience where Barbara will select the perfect wine to accompany each course and guide you through her choices.

Barbara puts great care and thoughtfulness into her wine selections, just as she does with her culinary creations. This evening is sure to be a feast for your palate!

• Wine-paired dinner for 8 guests, prepared by Head of School Barbara Greiner

Donor: Barbara Greiner

Opening Bid: $1,000

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Women's Self Defense Course with Shelly Irvine

Small Group (up to 8 people).

Taught by Shelly Irvine - U.S. Navy Security Force, Kenpo Karate Instructor and Brown Belt, Model Mugging 4 time attendee turned Coach and creator of “Get Defensive” at Not Just Fitness in Sausalito, CA.

During this 10 hour session (Two 5-hour days) you will learn a multi-faceted approach to self-defense.  This training covers the ABC’s of Self-Defense. 

a)    Awareness: Learn what to look for and how to be aware of your surroundings.  Make yourself a hard target.
b)    Base Techniques: First, learn avoidance and de-escalation.  Then you will learn escape techniques and “take-down” techniques focused on the strengths and body type of women.
c)    Confidence: Gain confidence in your new techniques through practice, modeling and intense class drills to instill your newfound skills so they take over in any situation.
This is a hands-on, physical, mental and emotional workshop that will give you a whole new outlook regarding your own strength, independence and safety.

Donor: Shelly Irvine

Price: $300/person, up to 8 people in a class

Mutually agreeable dates before October 31, 2019. In the FISW Gym.

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