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Preparation of the Gala Project With The Orcas (2nd Grade)

To quote Erin:

“At the Gala, [there] are popular auction items, often creating friendly competition among parents from your class who want to purchase artwork from their child’s class to display at home…”


A what? A friendly competition? We do not think so. We Orcas’ teachers are competitors. Our students are incredible. You ALREADY want this masterpiece for your living room, and we know that the winner is going to be as delighted as if you owned a Mona Lisa.

We chose to start with learning previously enjoyed in the classroom.

  • Famous Black Americans, and women who have changed the world were our starting point, because our students have been loving learning about diversity and history.

  • Since we spent a long time working on a technical project in order to create a marble run, while challenging a class in France, we chose to use some marbles to create our art work.

We wanted colors. We wanted contrast. We wanted History.

Our kids really worked hard on this project. They had to train again and again to succeed at the moment with a capital M. We are almost done, and here is a little preview.

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