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Gala & Auction / Procure

Auction Procurement Wish List

Our wish list this year falls into four main categories. We've listed a few ideas under each to spark your imagination, but let the creative juices flow!

Travel: After a pandemic year, there is nothing more satisfying than daydreaming of travel to come! 2 year expiration date, please.

  • Airline Miles/Hotel points

  • A stay in a cabin, vacation home, or time share

  • Access to an amazing campsite


Activities or Lessons:

  • Share a talent by offering to teach others

  • Ask a favorite class or organization (for children or adults) to donate lessons or access

  • Organize an outdoor event around a signature home-cooked meal or a favorite activity (2 year expiration date, please)


Child-focused experiences: Host an opportunity for children to connect and learn a new skill

  • Science Day, Craft Activity, Nature Walk, so many possibilities...

  • At least 2 supervising adults and following CDC guidelines


Double Do-Gooder: This year is all about mutual support. What would be better than supporting two worthy causes in one?

  • The idea: Develop an activity where supporters bid to participate. Your ticket cost benefits FISW and your time benefits another outstanding organization. A win-win!


Sharing details about items you donate or procure is easy with our online procurement form.

Please note that all activities must follow CDC guidelines for COVID-19 safety. 2-year expiration dates open up a wider variety of options.



  • Check in with the marketing or corporate social responsibility department at your place of work. Your employer can make a tax-deductible donation, gain valuable visibility on our virtual event platform, and foster the development of the bilingual, multicultural students at FISW.

Procurement Chair

Shelly Irvine


Sponsorship and Underwriting Form
Procurement Form

FISW is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our EIN is 31-1657315.

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