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The Friendship Fish With The Bees (K) And The Lutins (1st Grade)

Before February Break, the 1st grade students (les lutins) read to us the story of Arc-ec-ciel, the rainbow fish.

The Rainbow Fish is known as the most beautiful fish in the ocean. His scales sparkle with every color of the rainbow. Initially proud, the Rainbow Fish rejects the other fish’s appeals to play, instead gliding past proudly. Rainbow Fish’s routine changes when one day, a small blue fish follows him asking for a scale. Rainbow Fish doesn't want to share his scales. Then, he becomes the loneliest fish in the ocean. At the end of the story, Rainbow fish give some of his beautiful scales to the other fishes. At that moment, he sees their joy and feels happy to share.

Fish 01.png

The 1st graders gave us an activity sheet with the rainbow fish. We drew the scales on the fish by making bridges. We glued a shiny scale on him. Only one, because he gave all the others to his friends.

Then we helped the 1st grade to restore the big fish, putting some scales that had fallen off back on it. We added scales on which we wrote things: what we like about our friends, what we like to do with our friends.

Finally, we drew Rainbow Fish’s friends with stencils. We added a silver scale because Rainbow Fish gave them one of his scales.

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