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Frequently Asked Questions  

My family is already paying tuition. Why do we need to donate money as well?

At FISW, we value our diverse and child-focused community. For this reason, we deliberately set tuition at a level that covers only 90% of the cost of a child’s FISW education. We rely on fundraising to cover the 10% ($1,250/child) gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating a child at FISW.

Every American private school has a gap. It allows us to support economic diversity in our community. Those who are able to give can do so as a tax deductible donation.

Where does my gift go?


Bridging the gap allows us to fund all aspects of an FISW education. This includes everything that makes an FISW education so special - field trips, special projects such as science fair and spectacle, teacher training and tuition assistance for students who would otherwise be unable to attend FISW.

In addition to supporting your child's education, what are the benefits of giving to FISW?

Many people enjoy getting involved in fundraising activities because they meet new people and establish friendships. Others view giving as a way to become an active stakeholder and help the school achieve its goals. Still others take pride in being recognized on a list of school supporters. And, unlike tuition payments, gifts to independent schools are tax deductible to the extent of the law and are eligible for your workplace matching program.

How can I give to FISW?

We recognize that fundraising should be as streamlined as possible. Therefore, we limit fundraising to two giving campaigns during the school year: Annual Giving in the Fall and the Gala (formerly called the Auction) in the Spring.

At other times of the year, you will hear about efforts led by students, parents and the PTA. We are teaching philanthropy to our students. Over the course of the year, students select causes they believe in and organize campaigns such as food and holiday toy drives in support of these outside organizations. All PTA activities are community building events. These events may include a small fee to cover the cost of the event and PTA operations but are not part of FISW Giving. Croissant and baguette sales and pizza lunches are services provided to our community.  The only opportunities to give directly to the school are Annual Giving and the Gala.

How much of a difference can my gift make?

Our goal is 100% participation. Your participation demonstrates your support of FISW, its teachers, staff and programs. It is also incredibly important to help cover our bottom line. Even if you can only give a small gift, your participation, along with all the other parents in the school, combines to cover our operating expenses and to continue to ensure that FISW is truly a special place.

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