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Expectations & Growth Plans For The Lutins (1st Grade)

The key to introduce classroom and school expectations and growth plans in creative ways at FISW is to engage our students so that they know and understand the rules with a sense of ownership. It’s important for students to participate in decisions about school rules; they feel more connected to the school community and have more responsibilities to rules they’ve had a part in developing.


Last week, the Lutins were very excited to participate in creating posters that represent school rules for the school hallways. They first had a brainstorming discussion to define the most important rules to represent. We decided to keep two important ones to regulate the movement of the students in the hallways, and to show respect to the classroom’s art projects displayed on the walls. The Lutins took pictures to represent the rules and the final step was to write the rules on posters and display them on the hallways to be seen by all the students at the school.


The Lutins are very proud of their posters!

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