FISW's Class for children of essential workers

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We are now past our second week of school but regardless of summer now being far gone, it has been an exciting time for students (1st to 5th grades) who have joined us. Although they have desks that are separated and e-classes to be part of, being able to see fellow classmates in person has been a good thing for them. They already have very good work habits working remotely.


Each student having a specific schedule, we interact often with the teachers through headphones in order to ensure that they remain focused on their online classes and that they follow the timing for doing all the worksheets planned by their teacher (during e-office and their autonomy times). 


They like having lunch together while maintaining social distancing between them in class. They talk a lot, draw, and have their recess together following health and safety protocols.


We are very happy to be working with the children for the next few weeks and to see their progress in their learning.


Elisabeth Le Meur-Dahmoune & Fernando Garcia

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