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The wolves (first grade) travel around the world


In preparation for the cultural project organized by the school in March, the Wolves class followed the adventures of The Wolf Who Wanted to Travel Around the World by Orianne Lallemand.

Wolf is bored in the forest where he was born and leaves it behind to discover the world. He visits London and drinks tea with the Queen, climbs to the top of the Himalayas, dances at Carnival in Rio, and scuba dives in Madagascar.

In each country that Wolf visits, the students discover cultural elements, a local recipe, and an artist.

In Paris, we studied the Eiffel Tower and the painter Robert Delaunay in Paris. In London, we listened to the Beatles and recreated the Abbey Road album cover. In Italy, we discovered Venice and its famous carnival. Next up in our travels : Belgium and Greece. For these two counties, the students will write their own version of the story, since these two countries are not part of the book.

All of the information tied to this project is gathered on the class Padlet: the wolf around the world. The countries we visit will be added as we go along. Come take a look!