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The Lemuriens (2nd Grade) Work On Conflict Resolution
With Darci (English Teacher)

This week, the 2nd grade Lemur class is working on how to solve conflicts in the classroom and the playground. We started by reading the story, The Playground Problem.


This story is about a group of kids who are having trouble playing together at recess. The students liked how the kids in the story solved their problems and wanted to learn how they could do the same thing. So, we looked at our new Scholastic News and read the article, How to Work it Out, which just happens to be about problem solving.  Here, we learned that there is actually a simple process that we can use to resolve conflicts with our friends and classmates.

It goes like this:

First - Get calm.  Take deep breaths and calm yourself.


Second - Talk about it.  Talk AND listen to the other person.


Third - Come up with possible solutions together.


Fourth - Choose a solution that works for BOTH people.


We practiced resolving conflicts as a group, brainstorming solutions.  Then, we paired up with a classmate and worked on fixing problems independently.  We used task cards to help us with ideas for different scenarios.  Now, and with more practice, we are all set to be expert problem solvers!

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