The Owls (Pre-K) and The Emotions

Our class has been learning about Emotions. What and how we feel when we have an emotion in our body.


We read "La couleur des emotions" which shows us how a little monster is when all his emotions are mixed up and what he can do to learn to separate his emotions by colors. Yellow is happiness, red is anger, green is serenity, black is fear, blue is sadness.


After reading the book we talked about how some of the emotions made us feel, what could make us feel anger, feel happy, feel sadness! We used watercolor and marbles to make our monster "barbouille" (all mixed up) then cut and pasted the colors in little bottles to separate each emotion. We played a sorting game looking at faces and how they felt to place them with the right color monster. All day students made an emotion flower, and we now place our names on a petal in the morning depending on how we are feeling! This morning, I placed mine on "la peur" because on my way to school a car cut me off.


The students were amazed that I felt scared and comforted me! Some students feel scared coming to school because of a nightmare or not knowing what is going to happen, lots are happy or serene to be here, some are sad because their siblings pushed them or took something. We have small conversation about the feelings we have. And I remind them that we can change our spot if our emotions change during the day. Most students and teachers finish the day on "la joie"!