Before Arriving on Campus:
Complete daily CONFIRMATION OF INDIVIDUAL WELLNESS electronic form for your child(ren) between 8 pm the evening before and 8am before arriving at school. A personalized link is emailed to you daily. Students without a completed parent assessment will not be permitted entry to the facilities. The form will ask for your ID number. You can find your ID Number at the end of the personalized URL on the back of your drop-off placard.


After filling out the daily Confirmation of Wellness Form, please close your browser window. This will ensure that your new submission reaches us accurately each day.

Drop-Off Times:
8:15 –8:30: Moyens (back recess area, accessible through the bus driveway)
8:30 – 8:45: Petits (back recess area, accessible through the bus driveway)

Drop-Off Process:
Step 1: Park and Teacher and line up with your children at their assigned table in back recess area.
Step 2: Staff member assigned to the pod takes temperature.
Step 3: Parents electronically sign in students. (A bar code will be given to you the first time you drop them off.)
Step 4: Assistant enters the classroom with first 3 students who have arrived. Teacher brings newly arriving students to classroom by groups of 2.

Pick-Up Times:
11:55: All Half Day Students (Front Door)
2:55 – 3:05: Moyens (Back Recess Area, accessible through bus driveway)
3:05 – 3:15: Petits (Back Recess Area, accessible through bus driveway)

Pick-Up Process:

Before arriving to pick-up on the first day, please download a QR code reader app (android users can use your phone's camera, iPhone users will need a QR Reader app) or bookmark the individualized url you will find on the back of your placard.
Step 1: Parent drives up, comes to a complete stop, and scans QR code (or pulls up bookmarked url) on back of student placard. (You will receive your placard at the September 1 Materials Pick-up.)
Step 2: Parent parks on the paved parking lot and walks to recess area, maintaining 6-foot distance from others.
Step 3: Parent taps their fob to sign out their child.
Step 4: Supervisor releases child to parent/guardian.


Important note: After filling out Pick-up Form, please close your browser window. This will ensure that your new submission reaches us accurately each day.

All siblings (elementary and preschool) will be picked up around the time of the child with the earliest listed pick-up time, following the pick-up process outlined above.
Families with siblings in both elementary and preschool, after you have picked-up your preschooler (following above process), scan for your elementary child(ren) and walk to the front door to pick them up.

After School Care/Garderie (Pre-registration required):
After school care will begin (for students who have pre-registered for this service) on the first day of school. Students attending after school care will follow the same pick-up procedures outlined above at their selected time (5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m.)

Please find full details about drop-off and pick-up procedures in pages 13-15 of the Health & Safety Plan COVID-19 Addendum.

Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures:

Petits and Moyens


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