First grade dragons write their own story

Back to School! The Dragons came back ready to work hard for this new year.

They started to learn how to read and how to write. Now, they will engage these skills.

The students will explain in more detail…

We are the dragon’s class, so we decided to write a story about a dragon. We will create the entire story. We started by listening to all different stories about dragons that the teacher told us. So, we have now a lot of elements to write our own story. We know how to describe a dragon and what characters will be presented. We just need more time to figure out what is going to happen to our dragon.

Once everything will be written, we will draw. We are the writers and the illustrators. Then the teacher will teach us how to create a digital book. We already know a few things about coding thanks to the Science Fair project, and now she will teach us how to do that, with Scratch.

We are eager for all of you to discover our story! It will be a very good one, we promise!