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The Bees (K) students celebrated Diwali
By Julie Hélaine

On Wednesday, the Bee's class celebrated Diwali with Winslowe's family.  

Diwali is one of the biggest Indian festivals of the year. This is the celebration of Good over Evil. 

Winslowe's dad explained to the students that Indians decorate and light their homes with Diyas and they create Rangoli designs with a lot of colors. 


The children had a lot of fun decorating a Rangoli with colored sand. They worked carefully to put in each pattern a different color of sand. They were very focus and engaged on this activity. The kids were very proud of their Rangoli at the end of the activity. 

We watched the video Dipal's Diwali that tell the story of a young Indian boy who celebrate Diwali with his family.  

Then we ate a Diwali snack for the occasion. 


Our school is home to children with very different cultural backgrounds. Celebrating traditional holidays from the children's countries of origin in our classroom is a great way for the kids to get to know each other better. Each student gets the possibility to share with their friends a little bit of who they are. They bring their family cultural traditions to the class and the other students have the chance to participate in it with them. 

It's also the occasion for the families to join us for an activity. It's always a happy moment.

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