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Focus On Our Learning Progress With The Bees (K)

This month, we have started working on recognizing and naming the letter written in cursive.

We began to learn how to write cursive letters that are made up of upward loops: and and l.

Our learning process followed these steps :

  1. First, we looked at pictures that contain loops and we went over the loops with our finger.


2. We made loops with a shoelace. We talked about the differences between our loops (some are big, some are long, some are small).


3. We drew loops on the whiteboard going around small caps and wood sticks. 


4. Then we looked at the letter e and l: e is made of a small loop, l is made of a long loop. We made both letter with play dough and we traced them in sand.


5. We traced the letters on the whiteboard and on a paper with a pencil.


6. Finally, we learned to write the letter on a lined paper.

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