Curriculum nights

Curriculum Night is an extremely important evening. Your children’s teachers will share the curriculum, their objectives, methods and expectations. Please keep in mind that teachers will be asking who would like to be room parent(s) for their class. Room parents assist in the organization of a few classroom activities, facilitate further communication with parents about these activities, and promote PTA activities and major school events. 

You can join your class's meeting at the follow links:

Thursday, August 27

Sandra, Nathalie, and Cassi: Join here

Delphine, Nathalie, and Clarisse: Join here

Ophélie, Nathalie, and Christel: Join here


Friday, August 28

Samuelle, Emilie, and Sylvie: Join here

Julie, Emilie, and Caroline: Join here

Patrice, Emilie, and Claire: Join here


Monday, August 31

Camille and Natalie: Join here

Aïcha and Natalie: Join here

Sarah and Darci: Join here


Tuesday, September 1

Thomas and Megan: Join here

Frédéric and Megan: Join here

Mylène and Darci: Join here