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Learning about the human body

in the cougar class

The Cougars have been learning more about their own body.


They traced the outline of another student’s body to have a better understanding of the human shape. Later, they named the different body parts on the outlined shape.

We used a wooden mannequin to know more about the joints. One child put the mannequin in a certain position, and the other students had to stay in that position. We learned that we can’t bend our knees and elbows in every direction. We also learned the names of the main joints.

This week, the students finished their posable paper doll . They first decorated the different body parts using crayons and ink. Then, they cut them out. Lastly, they put the posable paper doll together. The result is quite beautiful!

This project is not over. The children will learn about the role of some organs, and they’re working hard on their project for the Science Fair.

The Cougars are excited to learn more about their body!