Building A Brick House In The Cougar Class (Kindergarten)

The Kindergarten Cougar class learned about construction in sciences. After reading The Three Little Pigs they did some experiments to see which of the materials found in the book are the strongest. After testing, they concluded that brick was indeed the strongest material to build a house.

Then they had to build a solid house using lego bricks. The house had to have a door and a window. The bricks were not held together very well and the corners were not connected well. The students gave it a second try after concluding that the bricks shouldn’t be lined up on top of each other. We realized we needed to improve how to build walls properly and how to build strong corners.

After experimenting, it was time to look at how real brick houses are built. We observed a picture of an actual wall and practiced.

It was now time to build a model brick house using the technique we learned about. We used some miniature bricks and an all-natural mortar. We started with one corner and built the four walls leaving some openings for the door and window(s).

When we were all done we designed the roof. We started with the framework and covered it. This was probably the most challenging part of the project, and each group came up with a different design.

The Cougars worked really hard on this project and also learned about perseverance, attention to detail, problem solving,  team work, and much more!


- Patrice's & The Cougar Class (Kindergarten/Grande Section)