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Event Of The Week With The Bees (K) With The 1st Graders (The Lutins and The Rainbows

We have started to make compost at school with a lombric-composter. We are working on this with the 1st graders (Les Luntins and Les Arc-en-Ciel).

bees 2.png

We decided to tell the story to the 1st graders so we can share what we learned.

The Lutins invited us into their classroom. We were a little intimidated.

bees 1.png

At the beginning of this project, we read a story that helped us to understand what compost is and how it can be produce: Mémoire d'une pelure by Angèle Delaunois and Benjamin Deshaies.

bees 4.png
bees 3.png
bees 5.png

The Bees gave a great performance! The Lutins listened carefully, and they were very happy ! They even clapped their hands at the end.

It was a very good oral exercise for the students with a real purpose of using the French language to communicate.

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