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Christel and The 6th Graders

In the Sixth Grade Continuing French Class, the atmosphere is very calm. The students are confidently growing and evolving. 

Christel places great importance on language as the students express themselves in French. 

For example, to work on the futur simple tense, the students created little by little, for their final exam, a Kahoot (game-based learning platform) game in which their classmates participated to put their skills to the test. 

Here they share their experience through group work.

Real situations are proposed, making sure to link grammar to current events. For a project with the objective of using and reviewing the past tense, the pupils had to obtain a freeze-dried dish (like the astronauts), prepare it, eat it and report on it. Each student recounting their process step by step in French. 

The students also produced some beautiful cultural projects.

The first FISW Middle School French class had a great year. Christel can't wait to continue with the class in 7th Grade and to start working with the new 6th Grade Alumni!

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