The ecosystem explorers program with the black panthers 4th grade

Hello from the black panthers!

Things have been very busy in our 4th Grade classroom since the beginning of the year, and we took our first field trip on October 31! The students were all very excited to participate in the Mercer Slough Ecosystem Explorers program.


We took a nice long hike through the forest as well as some wetlands (trees will shake if you jump in the wetlands!) before heading inside to discover more about producers, consumers and different types of bugs that live in the wetlands. The fourth graders got a big kick out of trying to catch the bugs in their ecosystem boxes and looking at them under a microscope. 


In class, we've been spending a lot of time talking about the European Explorers and researching specific explorers. Coming up soon we'll have some of the most notable explorers coming to CM1 for interviews! But not before the fourth graders make their own trek across the Atlantic in a five day simulation. Always something exciting going on! 


Last, but not least, we elected class representatives after spending a few weeks discussing the voting systems and election process in both the US and in France. We decided to vote in the French way, selecting a name on a slip of paper and placing it in an official envelope before putting it in our voting box. Fred even made all of the kids a voter's ID card to make the process as authentic as possible. We're looking forward to the next six weeks and all of the different projects we'll get up to before break!