Friendship Celebration

with the Bees (Kindergarten)

Bonne année !

In the Bees' class, the kindergarten students decided to take advantage of this time of the year to celebrate their friendship.

Throughout the school year, students play, learn, and work together. Therefore, they all grow, share, and reach their potential surrounded by friends. They all belong to a group, a team.

To symbolize this friendship, our students wrote notes to each other. They made greeting cards that they sent to  students in their class in order to wish them  a happy new year.


The students put their cards in an envelope and glued the stamp by themselves. These envelopes were mailed just before the start of the break, and the students received the letters from their friends at home. Some brought them back to school to show their classmates their discovery. Something had changed on the envelope: there was a new stamp on the stamp.

This project allowed us to give a more concrete meaning to the concept of friendship. We discussed on the true significance of the word friend. How do we feel about our friends? What do we do with our friends? How do we feel when we argue with our friends?


We worked on values such as kindness or gratitude which are part of our character education program.