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Auction  Procurement       

Many of you have asked, “What should I procure for the Gala?” Below is a list of a few of the items that have been successfully donated in the past:

  • Timeshares, vacation homes, cottages, apartments - any place to stay in another country, state, or city can be a fun family getaway.

  • Something for the kids? Do you love throwing your child’s birthday party? How about doing it for someone else – include a theme, cake, party-favors, costumes, etc.

  • Some of the best auction items are the ones that you can’t just go out and buy, like homemade cookies, pie, pastries, etc. once a month for a year, or a hand-knit sweater, scarf, mittens, etc.

  • Fun-themed event nights and evenings out can also be a great time. Why not join with another couple and do a French-themed dinner for 8, fondue and wine, or wine-tasting? Or why not get the guys (or gals) together for a Poker Party?

  • How about offering a service? Dog walking/sitting, babysitting, closet-organizing are great donations.

  • Sport tickets – are you a season ticket holder for your favorite local sports team? Why not donate a game day?

  • Spa visits, pedicures, massage – any pampering service

  • Your favorite NW wines, or French champagnes

  • Have something French? Anything French is always a hot item!

If your neighborhood restaurant knows you by name, or you always get a pedicure at the same place, or have a standing order with your local bakery, then ask the business for a donation. The donations that your favorite businesses give you will often bring in new business for them… so it’s a win-win!

Approaching a business with a procurement or sponsorship opportunity? Feel free to share our Online Procurement Form or pdf version. The procurement letter and sponsorship form can provide the organization with more information.


Know someone who would like to attend? An electronic copy of our invitation is coming soon.

Don't hesitate to e-mail with any questions.

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