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The Penguin (3rd Grade) & The Cheetah's (4th Grade) Projects

with Miss Megan

Last class, 3rd and 4th grade students worked on a science project, using the scientific method. The students were asked to create a hypothesis based on the question "Which liquid will dissolve my candy cane the fastest?". They were able to choose from boiling water, room temperature water, lemon juice, white vinegar and cranberry juice for their experiment. We had some surprising results! 


Today the Penguins built longhouses in the style from the PNW. Their special guest told them that the houses were waterproof because they were built using interlocking C shapes. But the roof was not attached so that the smoke from the fires inside could escape. The students were asked to build a waterproof long house, making sure that any smoke from a fire would be able to leave the building. They were given only paper and scissors and some limited directions to complete this task!

Good Job!