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2020 Gala

Committee Members

The team wants to grow. You are welcome to join!

The More, The Merrier!

Gala Chairs

- Donna Clawson

- David Clawson

- Gwenael Bellec

Procurement Team

- Lindsay Frickle (Procurement Chair)

- David Clawson

- Emily Moreano

- Melissa Davis

- Tania Valdes

Graphic Design

Emily Moreano

Fund A Need School Art Project

Afarin Jahangiri

Decoration Team

- Beatriz Palacio (Decoration Chair)

- Alex Krause

- Afarin Jahangiri

Marketing/Communication Team

- Gwenael Bellec

- Donna Clawson

Advisor, Past Chair

Heather Trescases

Dessert Dash

Donna Clawson


FISW Event Coordinator

My-Lien Dao Bellec

To contact the Gala Committee:

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