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Our Staff


The French Immersion School of Washington has recruited an outstanding team of French and American educators and assistants. Our teachers are selected for their experience, credentials and commitment to implementing our challenging program.

Our Head of School and French teachers are fluent, generally native speakers of French, and are certified by the French Ministry of Education or equivalent. Our American teachers are native speakers of English, and are certified by the State of Washington or equivalent.

Our Head of School

As head of our educational team, our Head of School, Véronique Dussud, brings superb pedagogical experience to our school, and the French educational philosophy sets the tone for our teachers and students alike.

Our Teachers

The French Immersion School of Washington is always striving to secure the best French and American teachers and add them to our team. They are a unique group of highly talented individuals who offer a diverse set of educational experiences and skills. They stand out for their intelligence, creativity, compassion and enthusiasm about our school. We are delighted to have them on board!

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